Our Services

AdminWise Solutions identifies and recruits contractors that fit your company's individual and unique needs.

We are well-suited to assist clients in the following industries:

  • Technology

  • Renewable Energy

  • Manufacturing

  • IT & Engineering

  • Sales

  • Oil & Gas

  • Legal Services

  • Government

Data Entry & Transcription

Providing accurate and efficient data input for clients' databases and systems. Assisting clients with accurate conversion of audio or video recordings into written form, and transfer of data across programs.

Quality Assurance

Reviewing and testing software and systems to ensure software interfaces are user friendly and meet clients standards.

Customer Support

Reviewing, compiling and addressing customer inquiries and complaints to help you better serve your customers.

Administrative Support

Providing administrative assistance to clients' teams, including scheduling, file management, and communication.

In addition to bespoke services offered to our clients at their request, our contractors currently offer a wide range of high and low complexity services:

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